Quartz Flash Cure Units


Heat Source: Quartz Infra-red Elements.

Heat Area: A: 500 x 450 mm. B: 600 x 450 mm. C: 580 x 800

Temp. Control: Adjustable Timer.

Power Supply: 3-phase. A: 15 Amp B: 20A C: 25A

Design Features

Designed for use with either manual or automatic printers, the Gilrow QIR FCU has been designed to give the printer efficient heating power using a shaped reflector to eliminate handling. Many quartz flash units use sheer power via copious elements to do the same job.

For use in TAS automatics the body is removed from the stand and placed into the print head of your machine. There is no need for it to be moved in and out by the print head as heat is only activated when needed.

The slim line body with fan blowers isolated from direct heat ensure long life and reliability.

Air volume is controlled by a fan speed controller.

Heat is activated by a micro-switch positioned in the appropriate place in your machine while the heat area can be selected for economy by the switching of linked elements.

Duration of the heating process is controlled by a variable timer.

The QIR FCU has all the regular features such as height adjustment, swivel castors and a tough powdercoat finish.

Ceramic Flash Cure Unit


Model CS1 - 10Amp Single Phase
Model CS2 - 15Amp Single Phase

Heat Area: 410mm x 530mm.

Heat Source:
Model CS1 - 6 x 400W Ceramic Elements\
Model CS2 - 6 x 500W Ceramic Elements

Design Features

Aluminim Reflector

Simmerstat temperature controller

Adjustable height.

Wedge shape with fan mounted at the rear to keep the top cool.

Castors on stand.