Solvent Recirculating Unit

Design Features

The stainless steel reservoir tank holds 85 litres

Diaphragm pump - filters and baffles.

3 metres solvent resistant hose and brush.

Guaranteed to cut your screen washing solvent costs.

Back-lit Wash Trough

Design Features

Stainless steel construction.

6mm toughened glass.

Perspex diffuser.

We will build to your requirements

Hand Screen Printing Machine


For printing glass 3000mm x 1600mm

Print Table - 3400mm x 1900mm.

45 degree lift by 600mm.

Maximum Screen - 2100mm x 3700mm.

Floor Area - 4100mm x 2400mm.

Power - 240V.

Design Features

Felt covered printing top with air blast to float the glass into position and vacuum to hold the glass during printing or optional inserted balls.

Grooves and slot stops for three point adjustable lays.

Large side channel blower for quiet efficient running.

Pneumatic lift screen head lifting at 45 degrees on hardened ground shafts and all metal liner bearings.

Fully adjustable screen clamp to allow various size screens.

X-Y adjustable registration with large front mounted hand wheels.

Pneumatic lock on the print table.

Foot operated lifting and lowering of screen head.

Cylinder Printer


Printing diameter of stock - 200mm.

Length of stock - 2000mm.

Length and width of print - 400mm x 400mm.

Power - 240V 10A.

Air - 100psi.

Design Features

Hardened ground liner shaft moving through two metal liner bearings mounted in a fixed, machined housing.

Pneumatic inversion of squeegee and flooder with screw adjustable height.

Pneumatic lift of stock (100mm) for loading with nylon coated adjustable rollers.

Adjustable screen clamps to fit various screen sizes.

Screw adjustable stock cradle for various sizes.

Pneumatic Screen Stretching Clamp

Squeegee Grinder